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Yawn… Google buys shortcut for millions

Kevin Murphy, July 18, 2011, 20:02:49 (UTC), Domain Registries

Do I have to write another 19 of these stories?
.CO Internet has announced the sale of the domain name to Google. It will be used – shock! – as a URL shortener for Google’s services.
While the selling price has not been disclosed, I believe the starting bid for single-character .co domains is around $1.5 million. I expect Google will have paid more.
Google said on its official blog that only Google will be able to create short links and they’ll only redirect to Google sites, unlike, which is its customer-facing shortening service.
This is excellent news for .CO, of course. It gets yet another super-high-profile anchor tenant that will spread .co links (and, hopefully for the company, awareness) around the web like a virus.
Amazon acquired, and, Overstock is of course now known as, Go Daddy got and Twitter is using as its official URL shortener.
By my reckoning, that leaves another 19 one-letter .co names to sell. The registry’s windfall could quite easily amount to a year’s revenue for just 26 registrations.
That’s not including the numbers, of course.
Speaking of numbers, .CO also announced today that Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups is to use, instead of, as its official domain.
Entrepreneurs, not URL shorteners, are .CO’s target market, vital for its longevity, so it was a very smart PR move to combine these two customer wins into one announcement.

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Comments (5)

  1. Juan says:

    LOL Kevin… that is your best title yet.

  2. Dan says:

    @ Kevin
    Best “title” & “Sub-Title” 😉
    I only posted the story, beacuse when I looked at domaining .com…nothing was up.
    By the time I made the post…2 had already been posted…and now with yours and my post, at least 4 are up…lol
    I think the answer to your ‘sub title’…might be NO, for both of us 😉
    All The Best,

  3. Joe says:

    Speaking of numbers, (zero) was allocated to Overstock along with (vowel).

  4. Davo says:

    Yawn… get used to it Kevvy! .CO is going to be around for a long time.

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