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Go Daddy’s 60-day transfer lock can now be removed

Kevin Murphy, June 1, 2012, 20:16:54 (UTC), Domain Registrars

One of Go Daddy’s most unpopular practices – the infamous 60-day domain name transfer lock – has essentially come to an end.
From today, customers will be able to unlock their domains before the period is up, by contacting a special support team, according to director of policy planning James Bladel.
For many years Go Daddy has blocked domains from being transferred to other registrars if changes have been made to the registrant contact information within the last 60 days.
The company alerts users to the lock before they make changes to their Whois data, but that hasn’t stopped the policy bugging the hell out of domainers and regular registrants.
It’s designed to prevent domain hijackings – something Go Daddy says it does very well – but when false positives occur it often looks like a nefarious customer retention strategy.
“It’s a very effective tool for preventing harm, but it does catch out a lot of folks who want to legitimately change registrant data,” Bladel said.
Under the new policy, if Go Daddy blocks a transfer because of the 60-day lock, registrants will be given an email address to contact in order to appeal the block.
According to Bladel, after a human review the locks will be lifted and the Whois data will revert to its original state, unless the Go Daddy support team suspects a hijacking is in progress.
“The bad guys are not going to call and ask us to take a second look at this,” he said. “The bad guys want it to happen under the radar.”
The changes come thanks largely to a new revision of ICANN’s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, which came into effect today and specifies that transferring registrants need to be given a way to remove the locks on their domains within five days.
But Bladel said the way the policy is written gave Go Daddy a lot of leeway in how to interpret it – it could have kept the locks in place as before – but it decided to revise its policy to improve the customer experience.

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Comments (17)

  1. adam says:

    “….. are not going to call and ask…” it says all … hassle, hassle.
    I am transferring my all domains away from godaddy when my renewal comes. I hate this registrar for many things: sopa, elephant, discussing ads which not allow to do anything quickly, rubbish and paid privacy which cannot be switch off but rather cancel, support staff which copy and paste reply which very often even do not know something and so on and so on.

  2. adam says:

    I think people have to remember godady for his real face not when he changes something (e.g. sopa, 60 lock) only because he looses customers.

  3. Ian says:

    Good to see this policy changed. Although, through our executive account rep a human review was always made with our transfers and regardless of Whois changes, we have never had an issue with a 60 day lock.
    In our experience, we haven’t had any problems with GoDaddy whatsoever. Their customer service and pricing have consistently been among the best & they are one of the most innovative in the industry imho.

  4. Jim Walker says:

    Godaddy is a marketing company (which greatly explains the mediocre domain and hosting support).
    You choose to be marketed too or not by remaining with their service.

  5. Mike says:

    It’s about time. That was one of the more frustrating policies for me at Godaddy. Sometimes they would remove it if you made a big enough stink.

  6. Dave Zan says:

    Two words: reasonable compromise. Next part now is to communicate that effectively so people know what to expect, albeit they won’t have to like it.

  7. Gifted says:

    People kill MILLIONS of animals DAILY and eat them. Those animals ALL have a sad life from start to end.
    They are born in custody and just wait until we kill them and eat them.
    And now you want to lynch someone for killing ONE elefant (in a country where there is an elefant plague) ?
    What a bunch of hypocrites you are.

  8. David says:

    That 60 day policy was ridiculous especially for web design/flippers. I always preferred godaddy because there price is amazing and they have good customer service, however i was going to namecheap and netfirms for a while because of the policy.

  9. Raza says:

    I recently got into same problem, i have sent them an email lets see if they will lift the lock or not.

  10. suthinzarhtet says:

    i buyed 7 domain from godaddy.but our not enter my account from last 10 day.our send finished ud card scan, passport scan.but not response me.please help me.why?

  11. Vegan Gav says:

    Thanks for the info on this trying to move domains to get away from godaddy, sadly a lot still have accounts and you need it to get domains transferred to you. Really annoying!
    @Gifted, one of the reasons I am moving away is because of the elephant killing and not a hypocrite being a vegan and all!

  12. Steve B says:

    According to ICANN’s policy:
    “The Registrar of Record may deny a transfer request only in the following specific instances:
    The transfer was requested within 60 days of the creation date as shown in the registry Whois record for the domain name.”
    Doesn’t this mean that GD or any other registrar has the right to deny the transfer if they choose?

    • jd says:

      Thanks for your opinion.
      Following facts stated with 44 YEARS in contract law!
      Who made up MY domain name?
      Answer: Not godaddy!
      I DID!
      I or anyone who made up the domain name is the OWNER of that domain name.
      I or any customer is the ONE who made up and copy written the com, us, info, ect ect ect.?
      So who does the domain name REALLY belong to no matter what the TOS of godaddy.
      Answer: NOT godaddy.
      Try real hard to understand…
      Read slowly….godaddy doesn’t Legally own the domain name, and ONLY “hosts” the domain name.
      They can NEVER own a .com, .us, .anything.
      So retaining MY domain name in any way shape or form is ILLEGAL, policy or whatever!
      IF the TOS / contract is fraudulent, ie godaddy pretending to “OWN” the, .info, .us, dot anything etc than they are illegally retaining something they do NOT have any real “lawful” control over.
      Since I don’t have time to debate here or anywhere, I won’t read any responses to this post.

  13. handell says:

    Im dealing with same BS. i sold a domain & when I went to transfer it, GD had it on a 60 day lock. No my buyer is backing out because this BS policy.
    So I called GD and they said theres nothing they can do.
    Complete BS, Im taking all my domains to another domain server just as soon as they are up.
    Go Go Go away Go Daddy… of ftp greener pastures.

  14. zabih says:

    That is very stupid way to lock registrant for 60 days. I will pay cost to my customers but never use domains in . stupids stupids stupids.

  15. IHateGoDaddy says:

    The process your article is about hasn’t worked for me. I just want to let others know my experience with GoDaddy.
    I updated my contact info on a domain name with no warning of a 60 day lock on my domain. So I searched the internet and came across your article. I called GoDaddy and they gave me the email address to have the lock removed. It has been a week and absolutely no response and calling them doesn’t do any good, because they just tell you they can’t contact the department that handles the locks other than by email either. I called a second time and they told me to send a second email. Still no response. One last domain to transfer away and the lock won’t come off until after the renewal date. I will be transferring asap! It’s only a matter of time before GoDaddy loses a good portion of their customers.

    • Sames says:

      currently trying to do the same and same thing with that no warning 60-day lock.. to this day there is no option to even opt out or stop the whole process..its basically just luring people in from trying to transfer, I bought the domain on godaddy I should have the right to move my property when I want and as fast as possible.. and the customer service is basically non existent.. fine examples of poor management on godaddy’s part.

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