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Venue has “more reservations than bedrooms” for ICANN Prague

Kevin Murphy, June 9, 2012, 08:41:57 (UTC), Gossip

Anyone fancy a twos-up with another ICANN attendee in Prague?
The Hilton Prague Hotel has apologized for screwing up delegates’ reservations for the June 23-28 public ICANN meeting, and has reconfirmed the reservations of those affected.
But it’s told ICANN that it still doesn’t have enough rooms for that week. In a letter to ICANN meeting organizers, dated June 6, the hotel wrote:

The Hilton Prague still has more reservations than bedrooms for the period of the ICANN meeting, but both the Hilton Prague and ICANN event organizers are together working on minimizing the overbooking situation in order to be able to accommodate as many ICANN attendees as possible.

Not exactly encouraging, is it?
The overbooking problem seems to have been caused by the hotel running a special ICANN reservation system in parallel with its regular system, but not correctly linking the two.
Speculating, this might mean that only those who booked through official channels were affected.
Speculating further, it might also mean that those who booked independently are at risk of losing their reservations, should the Hilton decide to prioritize known ICANN delegates.
Even if I’m wrong on both counts, it does appear that not everyone who booked at the Hilton for the meeting will be staying where they hoped.

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Comments (3)

  1. JS says:

    Every reservation holder should be assigned a timestamp and try to click on a Hilton link …

  2. Philip Corwin says:

    So it looks like the reconfirmation they issued after the involuntary cancelation of my reservation isn’t worth much, as they have now admitted they have more “confirmed” reservations than there are rooms.
    Freakin’ unbelieveable!

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