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Three more digital archery services launch

Kevin Murphy, June 19, 2012, 12:50:59 (UTC), Domain Services

Surely the market must be saturated by now?
With a little over a week left before ICANN shuts down its digital archery new gTLD batching mechanism, three more companies are vying for applicants’ business.
We’ve received three press releases from newcomers this week, which I believe brings the total to eight.
Of course, it’s looking somewhat possible that digital archery will prove to be irrelevant, should ICANN decide to abandon batching altogether next.
In no particular order, these are the new ones:
Timestamp Technology
American. Affiliated with Nations Media Partners, Timestamp says it will offer applicants a 150% refund if it fails to get them into the first batch. It costs $20,000 for a single application.
Bulgarian. Affiliated with Uninet. Says 90% of its shots come within 10ms of target. It’s a software play, with licenses selling for $1,000. If you want somebody to take the shot for you, it’s an extra $100 per TLD.
Digital Archery Hotshots
British. Run by Vladimir Shadrunov, a former Telnic executive now gTLD consultant. Fees not disclosed on the web site, but claims to have a “guaranteed lowest price”.

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Comments (9)

  1. For those interested: here’s a video recorded by Digital Archery Hotshots – five clicks each falling within two milliseconds from the target time.

  2. John Smith says:

    @digitalarcheryhotshots: Really? A parked page? How desperate are these domainers to get clicks?

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Doesn’t look parked to me.

      • John Smith says:

        Interesting. Maybe they are using geotagging?
        What I see starts with this:
        Below are sponsored listings for goods and services related to:

  3. John Smith says:

    Hmm, interesting. Using a VPN tunnel to a US proxy shows the actual site, from Europe the parking page appears.

  4. Francois says:

    But only he one of is recommended by

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