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A registrar is getting blamed for an Israeli war propaganda site

Kevin Murphy, November 27, 2023, Domain Registrars

Israel-based registrar Wix is being blamed for a gory anti-Hamas web site being promoted by Israeli government officials.

A number of recent media reports — notably including this one by usually reliable news wire UPI — have said that Wix is behind the incredibly NSFW web site at

The site is a dark parody of a Hamas fund-raising page, containing disturbing footage of the group’s October 7 atrocities — dead bodies, terrorists taking hostages, shooting dogs and burning homes.

So I imagine Wix would be disturbed to learn it is being credited as the creator of the site, apparently purely because the domain was registered via its registrar and hosted on its hosting service.

“The Israeli software company Wix has created a website to spread anti-Hamas propaganda amid the war in Gaza,” UPI reported, sourcing a GoDaddy Whois lookup that lists Wix as the registrar but shows no registrant information.

A Whois lookup on Wix itself, which should contain information beyond the registry record supplied by GoDaddy, does not reveal any additional information — not even redacted fields — about the registrant.

Hamas usually uses for its web site, but it’s currently down reportedly due to cyber-attacks by pro-Israel hacktivists. has been parked for years by what UPI uncharitably refers to as “cybersquatters”.

Belgian MP registers Hamas domain, redirects to IDF

Kevin Murphy, October 16, 2023, Domain Sales

A member of the Belgian parliament has reportedly registered and redirected it to the Israeli Defense Forces’ web site.

Michael Freilich, the country’s only Jewish MP, bought the domain after seeing it was available and to keep it out of the hands of Hamas supporters, according to The Jerusalem Post.

He also reportedly caused the deletion of a payment processing account linked to Hamas.

His actions follow the massacre of Israelis and others by Hamas terrorists October 7, which kicked off a conflict that has already claimed thousands of lives on both sides.