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TLD Operator Community no longer a “community”

Kevin Murphy, June 11, 2015, 06:18:46 (UTC), Domain Registries

The TLD Operator Community, which launched last Friday, has hastily rebranded itself after confusion about its proposed role.
It’s now the TLD Operator Webinar. It has switched its URL from a .community domain to a .help domain.
Almost immediately after the initiative was announced, I started hearing gossip about a split with the Domain Name Association.
There was a slight crossover between the DNA’s mission and what had been announced about the erstwhile “Community”.
On Friday, I was told by ARI Registry Services, which is coordinating the webinar:

a new community for all new Top-Level Domain (TLD) applicants has been created to provide a forum for operators to achieve meaningful commercial success. The TLD Operator Community will differentiate itself from other new TLD think-tanks by focusing entirely on the commercial activation of new TLDs for the benefit of the entire community.

But according to ARI CEO Adrian Kinderis, this was a poor description of the initiative.
He said in a DI comment that it was rather “one off effort by our consultancy team to get everyone together for a chat.”
“My team have incorrectly characterized it as ‘forming a community group’,” he wrote. “I assure you, the last thing we need is another community group.”
ARI was intimately involved in the launch of the DNA and Kinderis continues to be its chair.
The Webinar will happen June 30 (or July 1, depending on your time zone) and feature speakers from Donuts, Vox Populi, dotBerlin and others.
Barclays, which was due to participate in the webinar, is no longer listed as a speaker.

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  1. Adrian Kinderis says:

    Unfortunately your investigative skills (or ability to make assumptions) have let you down. This had nothing at all to do with our Award-winning PR man. I never said it was him. This was your conclusion. His Award-winning ways are still intact! Go Kujo!

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