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.icu gets China nod as it tops 900,000 regs

Kevin Murphy, May 30, 2019, 06:02:05 (UTC), Domain Registries

Chinese regulators have approved .icu for sale and use in China, according to the registry.
ShortDot COO Kevin Kopas told DI today that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved its year-old gTLD for mainland use.
The company plans to launch .icu there formally June 12, he said.
Kopas also said that .icu has recently topped 900,000 registrations.
It’s a remarkable growth achievement for a gTLD with barely a year on the clock, given that SpamHaus stats show that its level of spam abuse is still comparable to .com.
But with prices at around $1.50 at its largest registrars and very little semantic value, one has to assume that a lot of its registrations are speculative. Its first junk drop could be brutal.
MIIT approval may help it continue its growth trend. To date, China-based registrars have recorded no .icu sales.

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Comments (3)

  1. Snoopy says:

    The largest registrars are 99 cents but I think it goes far lower during promotion (50 cents and less)

  2. Jay says:

    A lot of the under .50 deals are just for registering 1 domain. I look at the price history here and see .icu about $6 to transfer.

  3. Kevin says:

    .icu is the absolute worst spamming extension out there!! It should be shut down immediately! I get a minimum of 30-40+ spam emails ‘every’ single day!! All day, every day the same crap. I would never visit a site using this crap extension. As soon as I see the spamming icu extension it’s deleted, no matter the content!! The only people (crooks) using it is spammers, and ICANN should shut it down and fine the owners of it. In simple terms .icu SUCKS!!
    (Sorry for the rant Kevin but it’s dead on and needs to said somewhere!!)

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