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ICANN’s new gTLD director quits

Kevin Murphy, June 22, 2012, 00:08:46 (UTC), Domain Policy

Michael Salazar, director of ICANN’s new gTLD program, has quit.
He’ll be replaced on an interim basis by Kurt Pritz, senior director of stakeholder relations, according to a statement from ICANN this evening.
No reason for his resignation, which comes shortly after the Big Reveal and on the eve of ICANN’s public meeting in Prague, was given.
Salazar, a KPMG alum, joined ICANN in July 2009. Unlike Pritz, he’s not been a particularly public face of the program.
It’s not entirely unusual for people to leave companies after hitting project milestones, but the timing in this case, given ICANN’s ongoing public perception problem, is unfortunate.
The organization is due to reveal its new CEO in about 12 hours time, and from what I gather the new appointee isn’t expected to take on the role for a couple months.
Having another senior staffer with responsibility over the new gTLD program quit at the same time will look bad.

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Comments (7)

  1. Here’s where things get fun. In the latest Form 990 (for the year ending June 30, 2011, pages 58 and 59), Kurt Pritz and Michael Salazar *claimed* to already be working 60 hours per week. How can ICANN, with a straight face, suggest that Pritz will be doing 120 hours/week of work now?

  2. I'mTinyVanCowering says:

    Com’n Kevin…can we say fall guy?
    George – from what I hear Kurt can barely keep his regular job in order…and now they are adding more?

  3. Andreas says:

    I hope the arse-end falls out of it all.. these new gTLDs are only going to confuse and devalue the industry!!
    And these greedy pigs don’t give a flying F about any of us trying to survive in an already F’d up marketplace.. tossers!
    Hope they FAIL – they deserve it !!

  4. John UK says:

    @Andreas Agreed totally. I too hope they all fail because they are simply going to confuse the F out of people ,and are also going to make it just that bit harder to persuade companies to buy our .com domains .Got to remember that the ONLY reason that .com is the “main” tld is because people have become used to it. The next generation coming along may not even know what .com is.

  5. Volker says:

    @naysayers: People had also become used to Geocities, MySpace etc. After something better came along, they became “unused” to it.
    If this causes second market prices to go down in the long run, as some @naysayers fear, that would be a useful side-effect.

  6. Smart man
    I think he decided being in charge of a great clusterf*uck may not look so good on his resume.
    Leaving now will be perceived as genius when we look back. His replacement will eventually follow in his footsteps. The only question is how long that will be.
    Me thinks not that long.

  7. Lance says:

    Another one didnt I hear that the President or CEO of ICANN was not renewing his three year contract and resigning today as well?
    Seems like reasons for wild west over there more and more.

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