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More than half of new gTLD apps have comments

Kevin Murphy, August 14, 2012, 14:03:35 (UTC), Domain Registries

Over half of ICANN’s 1,930 new generic top-level domain applications have received comments, two days after the original deadline for having them considered expired.
There are 6,176 comments right now, according to the ICANN web site, and the DI PRO database tells me that they’ve been filed against 1,043 distinct applications covering 649 unique strings.
It looks like .sex is in the lead, with 275 comments — I’m guessing all negative — followed by its ICM Registry stablemates .porn (245) and .adult (254), due to the Morality in Media campaign.
The controversial dot-brand bid for .patagonia, which matches a region of Latin America, has been objected to 205 times.
Some that you might expect to have created more controversy — such as .gay (86) and .islam (21) — are so far not generating as many comments as you might expect.
Donuts has received the most comments out of the portfolio applicants, as you might expect with its 307 applications, with 685 to date.
Famous Four Media’s applications have attracted 416 and Top Level Domain Holdings 399.
Despite applying for .sexy, Uniregistry has a relatively modest 64 comments. That’s largely due to it managing to avoid being whacked by as many duplicate trademark-related comments as its rivals.
There have been 1,385 unique commenters (trusting everybody is being forthright about their identity) with as many as 486 affiliations (including “self” and variants thereof).

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Comments (2)

  1. Ash says:

    I think Abdulmjid from the Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia has made half of those! It’s interesting to see how blinkered and narrow minded a view of the world some people have.

  2. Magoo says:

    Yeah, more than half have comments…and the remaining ones are so stupid that they are not even worth contesting since no one will ever want to register them.
    Whose idea was this gtld brainfart anyway? It’s not going anywhere. Stick with reliable .com says I.

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