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New gTLD typo policy coming today?

Kevin Murphy, August 28, 2012, 08:49:14 (UTC), Domain Policy

ICANN’s board-level new gTLD program committee may vote today on a policy for enabling new gTLD applicants to correct errors in their applications.
Many of the 1,930 applications contain mistakes of varying degrees.
Some are obvious, such as typos in the applied-for string — .dotafrica springs to mind — and copy-paste errors made by large portfolio applicants that reference strings in the wrong application.
The trick for ICANN is figuring out which change requests are genuine while excluding attempts to game the system in light of new competitive information emerging post-Reveal Day.
According to an update issued last night, ICANN staff have come up with a set of seven criteria to decide whether any of the dozens of changes that have been requested should be permitted.
The criteria, which have not yet been revealed, are subject to approval, ICANN said.
But the ICANN board of directors is due to meet today, and it seems likely that its new gTLD program committee — made up of non-conflicted directors — will also have a session.
It’s quite possible that the criteria will be rubber-stamped today and published later this week.
ICANN also said last night that it plans to overhaul its new gTLD microsite shortly to make information easier to find, which will be welcomed by many applicants and observers.
The Clarifying Questions pilot, a test-run for a more formal process later this year, has also started. I understand the 50 selected applications received their questions late last week.
Another webinar for applicants has also been scheduled for next week.

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  1. Vicenzo Socata says:

    Haha, your guess is truely wrong^_^
    Their move is much more slow than your guess

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