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90 passes and 2 failures in this week’s gTLD results

Kevin Murphy, June 28, 2013, 17:44:37 (UTC), Domain Registries

ICANN has just delivered this week’s batch of Initial Evaluation results, with 90 passes and two failures to report.
The two applications that failed to achieve passing scores are Commercial Connect’s .shop and .supersport, a dot-brand filed by a South African television company. Both are eligible for extended evaluation.
Commercial Connect is the first applicant to fail to achieve a passing score on its technical evaluation.
I believe the company, which was among the unsuccessful applicants in the 2000 round of new gTLDs, is one of the few applicants this time around proposing to self-host its registry back-end.
It did, however, pass the financial component of the evaluation.
SuperSport failed, like nine others before it, on its financial evaluation, having scored a 0 on its “Financial Statements” question.
These are the passing applications this week:

.shop .viking .nagoya .osaka .shop .cruise .baidu .motorcycles .bananarepublic .allfinanzberatung .shiksha .top .bio .republican .aol .mail .navy .fyi .jcb .photos .wine .app .diy .law .data .foo .film .corp .ibm .physio .htc .pohl .chanel .gdn .ubs .secure .woodside .ultrabook .gold .show .soccer .map .web .coffee .apple .compare .markets .schule .fitness .courses .hotel .discover .spreadbetting .ngo .cbs .immo .home .drive .williamhill .racing .movie .store .barefoot .kaufen .memorial .abb .bbva .cpa .unicom .voto .skype .vet .doctor .tennis .space .nab .web .bet .scor .food .fail .konami .day .games .garden .book .hosting .ollo .montblanc .click

There are now 909 passing applications and 11 eligible for extended evaluation.

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Comments (7)

  1. sheel mohnot says:

    quick correction in your first sentence, it’s .supersport rather than .sport that failed.

  2. Rubens Kuhl says:

    .fail should have failed in order to succeed, right ? If .fail passed, it failed to fail…

  3. ChuckWagen says:!

  4. Zackary Streets says:

    Commercial Connect is a multimillion dollar, well established corporation, and successful internet company and is more than capable to acquire the .Shop license. It was the original applicant back in 2000 who applied for the domain, and has loyally stood with it for the past 15 years. It is a multifaceted company with its hand in domain registry, internet servicing, web hosting, data configuring, and software development.
    The company has over 1200 signatures from various CEO’S and President’s of companies pledging their support for Commercial Connect to acquire license to own and operate the .Shop faction of the pool of names. I think that this type of loyalty (15 years and 6 million dollars worth) deserves some sort of recognition. Commercial Connect’s $6 million investment in the .Shop name far supersedes any financial monies offered up by rival contenders such as Google, Amazon, or GMO Registry.
    I have followed ICANN for the past 15 years since I met Jeff, the CEO of Commercial Connect, and I have always agreed and supported and respected them for their business decisions and such, but to fail Commercial Connect during this evaluation is wrong and disappointing. With over 1200 signatures of CEO’s and Presidents from high end corporations from all over the country, you would think that this would validate that Commercial Connect is more than up to the task of acquiring this .Shop brand. They deserve it. Hopefully during the follow up evaluation, they might be granted the license to run and operate .Shop.
    Thanks for listening.
    Zackary Streets
    Victory Marketing Agency

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