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104 new gTLD passes, one failure, three withdrawals

Kevin Murphy, July 27, 2013, 09:16:12 (UTC), Domain Registries

With apologies to regular readers for the lateness of this post, which can be blamed on illness, here are the latest new gTLD application evaluation results.
This week, ICANN gave passing Initial Evaluation scores to 104 applications, flunking only one. Separately yesterday, three applications were withdrawn.
First, the passes. The following applications are now safely through IE:

.blog .style .globo .sew .prime .search .shopping .llc .lefrak .tienda .law .charity .restaurant .dubai .cuisinella .cricket .horse .insurance .rip .fast .bot .rugby .gotv .baby .tennis .kids .safe .money .sapo .ltd .download .fit .wanggou .kyoto .sas .rsvp .party .bargains .digital .abbott .chloe .mba .bet .frontdoor .volkswagen .sydney .comcast .oracle .dvr .ipiranga .juegos .translations .web .rocks .architect .kuokgroup .basketball .audio .catholic .site .justforu .bentley .bcn .home .restaurant .lawyer .abogado .watch .jnj .africamagic .anz .works .imdb .ntt .walmart .ups .cartier .softbank .direct .ltda .corp .loan .liaison .cool .canon .run .sandvikcoromant .realtor .gmail .fyi .bharti .mls .mls .fly .wow .shop .fun .gbiz .mit .pet .vista .accenture .webs .capitalone

This batch brings the total number of passes to 1,286. There are only 530 bids left in IE.
This week’s only failure was I-REGISTRY Ltd’s .online application, which scored a 0 on its “Financial Statements” question and therefore failed the financial half of the IE test. It’s eligible for extended evaluation.
Meanwhile, we’ve had three more withdrawals. Tucows withdrew its applications for .media and .marketing, while Travelers TLD withdrew its dot-brand bid for .northlandinsurance.
The maximum number of delegated gTLDs is now 1,354.

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  1. Thanks Kevin. I hope you are feeling better.

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