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dotShabaka Diary — Day 1

Kevin Murphy, August 8, 2013, 08:57:00 (UTC), Domain Registries

Three weeks ago, dotShabaka Registry became the first of the current crop of new gTLD applicants to sign a registry contract with ICANN, but there’s still a way to go before launch.
The company has offered to provide DI readers, in a series of journal entries, with an insight into its operational experiences and concerns as شبكة. progresses on the path to delegation and launch.
With a Prioritization Draw number of 3, dotShabaka will be often be the first to encounter any pitfalls that emerge in the latter stages of the new gTLD evaluation and delegation process.
DI has agreed to carry the journal, unedited, in the belief that a regular focus on operational matters from a high-prioritization applicant will prove an invaluable resource for applicants and program observers alike.
Here’s the first entry:

Welcome to The شبكة. Journal.
In association with Domain Incite, dotShabaka Registry has launched a journal series to provide regular updates on our progress through delegation and then launch.
The aim will be to offer a transparent insight into the operations of شبكة.. As the first new TLD to sign a Registry Agreement and begin the delegation process, we are throwing the door wide open and will report the good, bad and ugly of our experience via this journal.
You can expect to read reports on our interaction with ICANN, how we handle technical issues and our progress with establishing commercial operations.
For example, we can report that:
شبكة. began pre-delegation testing in the first-available slot on Monday 5th August – nearly three weeks after ICANN’s ‘earliest path’ timetable published in Durban. We are confident of a successful outcome after passing beta testing in July.
Updated RPM Requirements were finally published for comment on 6th August. The good news for شبكة. is the welcomed proposed revisions to support anchor tenants. The bad news is that public comment process is open until 18 September. Another delay!
This lack of certainty has made it impossible for us to finalise launch plans and policies, which is frustrating.
The good news is شبكة. is in the low risk category for New gTLD Collision Risk Management and we don’t expect any impact on the timeline for delegation. Who will be left standing with شبكة. after ICANN’s ‘risk mitigation’ actions for name collisions and GAC Advice are accounted for?
We welcome your feedback and encourage readers to comment below in the Domain Incite comment box. We’ll attempt to address questions the community may have.
Please stay tuned for future updates exclusively via Domain Incite.

One-time disclosure: I’d like to state for the benefit of those who are seemingly always ready to pounce on DI for “selling out” that the journal series are not “sponsored” posts.
There’s no financial relationship whatsoever between DI and dotShabaka or any of its affiliated companies. This is just about the info.

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Comments (4)

  1. Rubens Kuhl says:

    The mitigation process for low-risk strings include a 120-day waiting period and a 30-day monitoring+delegation period, so even dotShabaka timeline will be affected if the process doesn’t change.

  2. Carlos says:

    Thanks DI and شبكة. for sharing rhis journal… will be “standing by” for this launch, although we will not be holding our breath 🙂

  3. Great idea Kevin. Looking forward to future posts.

  4. Phil Buckingham says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am sure this will be very much appreciated by the less and less number of applicants that are in a position to prepare for financial and operational readiness and launch .
    Will the journal include problems/ issues encountered with contract negotiations with ICANN ?

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