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Donuts signs three more new gTLD contracts

Kevin Murphy, September 10, 2013, 18:06:38 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts today signed Registry Agreements covering the new gTLDs .land, .plumbing and .contractors, according to ICANN.
The deals mean ICANN now has contracts covering 40 gTLDs, 22 of them as a result of the new gTLD program and 16 of which are to be managed by Donuts.
Like all the gTLDs Donuts applied for, they’re to be operated with an “open” registration policy.
It’s therefore ironic that the company should become the contracted registry for .plumbing and .contractors — both regulated industries where I come from — on the same day we find out that it can’t have .architect because architecture is a licensed profession.

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  1. Jim Prendergast says:

    Donuts is now signing contracts on applications with mid 300’s on priority numbers. Any ideas on why other applicants with lower priority numbers are not signing contracts?
    According to the latest stats from ICANN 87 CIR requests have been returned.

  2. zack says:

    I understand that ICANN has sent out Contract Information Requests (CIRs) and as those are completed by the applicants then they go to contracting. From ICANN’s perspective, they are only going as fast as applicants complete the CIRs. So, if they had enough to process then the number of signed contracts would be higher.
    I would further assume that Donuts, having gone early and probably having negotiated what they wanted, are now simply pointing to their negotiated “template” and are able to sign quickly.

  3. Phil Buckingham says:

    Applicants will have to redo COI / LOC if they receive an COI Outreach . Many only achieved a score of 1 – which was upgraded to a 3 on Q50 – some therefore passing financial IE when they actually failed .- with the whole problem being transferred from IE to contracting stage causing further delay. l It would seem IE Results reveal no COI outreach for Donuts.
    Does that mean contracted P Draw No jump over lower non contracted PD Nos to go into delegation or do they have to wait ?

    • zack says:

      I am not sure I agree with your assessment that many applicant’s failed financial IE but were allowed to move forward. Either they initially scored the required points or they did not. if they did not then they received a clarifying question and if they then addressed what was missing then they passed.
      I doubt that ICANN would allow an applicant to move forward without the required minimum score for IE.
      Regarding the prioritization draw jumping…yes, one would assume that it now becomes first come first served.

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