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Over 100 new gTLD contracts now signed

Kevin Murphy, November 12, 2013, 12:33:41 (UTC), Domain Registries

The pace is stepping up as ICANN starts to lift its heels in moving more new gTLDs towards delegation.
The organization signed contracts with registries covering 34 strings over the weekend, including popular favorites such as .wiki and .ninja.
The full list of gTLDs with freshly signed Registry Agreements goes like this:

.education, .institute, .training, .international, .builders, .build, .solar, .marketing, .solutions, .academy, .company, .camp, .systems, .business, .management, .center, .repair, .red, .glass, .house, .farm, .holiday, .kaufen, .ninja, .gal, .social, .moda, .blue, .ceo, .immobilien, .wiki, .florist, .公益 and .政务.

At 34 in a week, it’s an almost 50% increase on the number of new gTLD RAs ICANN has entered into, and dangerously close to the 40-per-week rate that was originally planned.
By our reckoning, there are now 115 new gTLDs with ICANN contracts.

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  1. Jonah says:

    FYI for anyone interested, we’ve put together a list of gTLDs (old and new) with ICANN contracts –

  2. Str8 Talker says:

    All will soon .Fail just like .museum, .travel, .jobs., .aero, .cat, .pro, .name, .info, .xxx, .mobi, and .coop.

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