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New gTLDs top 100 as first dot-brands hit the root

Kevin Murphy, January 18, 2014, 22:27:10 (UTC), Domain Registries

There are now 107 new gTLDs live on the internet, following the latest batch of delegations.
Sixteen strings were entered into the DNS root today, including the first two dot-brands, which are Monash University’s .monash and CITIC Group’s .中信 (“.citic” in Chinese).
.CLUB Domains, Luxury Partners and Plan Bee became freshly-minted registries with the delegations of .club, .luxury and .build while legacy gTLD registry Afiias added .red, .pink and .shiksha to its roster.
Uniregistry added five new gTLDs to the two it had delegated in an earlier batch: .gift, .guitars, .link, .photo and .pics.
The delegation of .photo means the root now has its first singular/plural clash; Donuts already owns .photos.
Finally, I-REGISTRY added .rich to its .onl and China’s CNNIC had .网络 (“.network”) and .公司 (“.company”) delegated.
UPDATE (Jan 22): This post originally overlooked the delegation of .公司. It has been updated accordingly.

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Comments (5)

  1. Matt says:

    what a bunch of garbage.

  2. Mark Glick says:

    How do I get to .club gtld?
    I tried to find the site
    Oh . . . I need to go to the .com to find it

  3. Colin says:

    Tonight we went live. Might take a few hours to propagate to all the servers.

  4. Incited says:

    I agree with Matt’s garbage comment above. Who is going to want to register any of those, especially at a premium price over the .com? why, to intentionally lose traffic? I just don’t see the gtlds evEr being successful.

  5. John Howard says:

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