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.photography, on day one, becomes second-largest new gTLD

Kevin Murphy, February 12, 2014, 19:58:20 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts’ new gTLD .photography has become the second-largest new gTLD after .guru, just a few hours after it hit its regular general availability pricing.
Zone files dated 1840 UTC today show that .photography had 8,878 domains, compared to .guru’s 27,698 and .bike’s 6,524.
That’s just a few hours after .photography finished with its week-long premium-pricing Early Access Program period. By contrast, .bike and .guru finished their EAPs exactly a week ago.
The other six Donuts gTLDs going to regular pricing this afternoon fared less well, with .gallery at 2,869, .estate at 2,465, .equipment at 1,900, .graphics at 1,368, .lighting at 1,338 and .camera at 1,227.
Those are the numbers for about two and a half hours of proper general availability, which will reflect hand-registrations and any pre-registrations that were made over the last few months.
DI PRO subscribers can see the full list of new gTLD zone file counts here.

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Comments (13)

  1. Pinky Brand says:

    I think this is interesting TLD to watch, namely for new customer acquisition on the registrar side and upsell with site builders and other applications for pros and semi-pros.
    Will also be interesting to see how it fares against similar TLDs in the future.
    I registered today despite the Trademark Claims notice presented to me during the process. Last name Brand. I like photography. Works for me.

  2. Mike says:

    If it wasn’t for .guru, I would say these numbers do not bode well for early indicators of gtld launches.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      How interesting are “early indicators” though? I’m pretty sure Donuts didn’t plan to get 100,000 names with “.estate”

  3. Frank Schilling says:

    These are all going to be really successful. Just like the SLD business before – it’s going to be very hard in future to get by with just 1 new G.. Unless it’s a killer string

  4. Joe says:

    God help us all! How stupid!
    Who is ever going to want to use that?

  5. I guess that answers the question of whether anyone will register a domain name in a TLD that’s 11 letters long.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Yeah, but the number of people willing to do that is so far relatively small.

      • Adrian Kinderis says:

        This is an interesting point. It would be interesting to know volume by Registrant. I’d prefer a namespace with a low ratio of domains to registrants. A large volume could simply be that one entity has bought up big.
        Once again, this all comes back to the Registry Operator’s individual determination of “success”. More doesn’t equal better, despite what the uneducated might think. I am not sure how people can comment without a view to costs and business model…

  6. Vidfie says:

    I was happy enough to grab, a friend said it’s too long and i asked if he would happily have or another extension, he failed to answer, yes of course i know is a killer domain name but to complain about the length seems ‘a bit backward’ …. if you catch my drift. Good luck to all !

  7. Jean Guillon says:

    Wait for .PHOTO…… 🙂

  8. Page Howe says:

    even if the right side is long, if the left side is short, say 1 letter, it works.(self serving since i bought i think .photography will skew more professional, .photo for selfies, .pics for galleries. happy hunting.

  9. blehblehbleh says:

    .photo for selfies? I “shutter” to think.

  10. alex says:

    some people who have invested alot in .com domains trying so hard to say these new gtld domains wont work to protect their own .com,in my opinion, this is going to be future of the internet.
    instead of living in denial, try to secure few good domains for future.

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