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Despite IRP, .africa gets a new gTLD contract

Kevin Murphy, March 26, 2014, 02:54:17 (UTC), Domain Registries

ICANN has signed a Registry Agreement with ZA Central Registry for the new gTLD .africa, despite the string being subject to a legal dispute.
The RA was signed with the South African applicant on Monday.
Rival .africa applicant DotConnectAfrica filed an Independent Review Process complaint against ICANN in January, claiming the rejection of its bid, which came because it lacked government support, was “unfair, discriminatory, and lacked appropriate due diligence and care”.
Now that ZACR is a contracted party — meaning that .africa is likely to hit the root in two or three months — it will be very difficult for DCA to get appropriate recompense should it win the IRP.
Fortunately for ICANN, I think there’s a better chance of me getting elected Pope.

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  1. Greg Shatan says:

    You have my vote. Or should it be done through a bottom-up, consensus-driven multistakeholder model?

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