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ICANN says “no impact” from TMCH downtime

Kevin Murphy, May 22, 2015, 12:56:49 (UTC), Domain Registrars

The 10-hour outage in the Trademark Clearinghouse’s key database had no impact on domain registrations, ICANN says.
We reported earlier this week that the TMCH’s Trademark Database had been offline for much of last Friday, for reasons unknown.
We’d heard concerns from some users that the downtime may have allowed registrants to register domain names matching trademarks without triggering Trademark Claims notices.
But that worry may have been unfounded. ICANN told DI:

The issue occurred when two nodes spontaneously restarted. The cause of this restart is still under investigation. Although both nodes came back up, several services such as the network interface, TSA Service IP and the SSH daemon did not. All TMDB Services except the CNIS service were unavailable during the outage. From a domain registration point of view there should have been no impact.

CNIS is the Claim Notice Information Service, which provides registrars with Trademark Claims notice data.

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  1. Jeff Neuman says:

    Thanks for the update Kevin. I just wish that timely communications about the incident went to the contracted parties at the same time as the press. It is unfortunate that the impacted parties cannot find out directly from the source in a timely manner. Releasing a statement to the press is not the same thing as providing acceptable customer support.
    [This is a personal comment]

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