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1,000th new gTLD goes live

Kevin Murphy, May 25, 2016, 08:28:50 (UTC), Domain Registries

The 1,000th new gTLD from the 2012 application round was delegated yesterday.
It was either .shop or .realestate, appropriately enough, which both appear to have been added to the DNS root zone at about the same time.
Right now, there are actually only 999 new gTLDs live in the DNS. That’s because the unwanted .doosan was retired in February.
During its pre-launch planning for the new gTLD program, ICANN based its root zone stability planning on the assumption that fewer than 1,000 TLDs would be added to the root per year.
In reality, it’s taken much longer to reach that threshold. The first few new gTLDs were added in late October 2013, 945 days ago.
On average, in other words, a new gTLD has been added to the root slightly more than once per day.
Over that same period, nine ccTLDs — internationalized domain names applied for via a separate ICANN program — have also gone live.
The 1,000th new gTLD to be added to the IANA database was .blog.
There are 1,314 TLDs in the root all told.

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Comments (5)

  1. Just an amazing milestone. 5 years from now we’ll be talking about the next 10,000 new tlds.
    10 years after that we won’t recognize the naming landscape. Ads will look different, innovations in naming will make getting a website and email address faster and easier. Apple will become a registrar, and at least one unknown company will do an end-run around the industry.
    It will be an amazing World to look at.
    15 years go by really quickly and I will still be a relatively young man (at heart). Uniregistry looks forward to being there.
    Let’s all eat healthy and exercise so we can enjoy it together and reflect on the changes.

  2. Barney says:

    Ok, we can stop the insanity now. There is no need for any of the 1000 and all are destined to wither on the vine.

  3. Yes, Mr. Shilling I totally agree. Domain name usage will continue to become much more commonplace to the point of mass appeal status. Similar to email addresses and phone numbers for the individual. I have written in my blog a few years ago about the DNS being a “computing platform” and I believe that is part of this process. Also, that the domain name has the ability to in some ways to rival the software application (app) in capabilities and usage. Names and naming are integral to every society and critical to communication and an orderly society. The expansion will continue. I have also written in my blog about premium domain names “jumping the dot” as more and more tlds come online in the future and they become much more affordable to the registry.

  4. Jonas says:

    Gtld = Good To Lose Dollars

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