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Guess which registrars sell the most gTLDs

Kevin Murphy, October 19, 2016, 18:11:38 (UTC), Domain Registrars

MarkMonitor has become the first accredited registrar to carry over 500 gTLDs.
Inspired by a recent Dynadot press release outlining its passing of the 500-TLD mark, I thought I’d put together a league table of gTLD registrars, ordered by which carries the most.
It will come as little surprise to most that brand protection registrars dominate the top end of the list.
MarkMonitor tops the league, with 504 gTLDs in its stable as of the end of June, up from 499 in May.
It’s closely followed by Ascio and CSC. Indeed, brand-focused registrars occupy many of the top 30 registrars, as you can see from this table.
[table id=45 /]
There’s no real correlation between the number of gTLDs carried and the total domains under management for the registrar.
GoDaddy, with 53 million names, is way down in 28th position, for example.
The list was compiled from the latest gTLD registry reports, which show how many domains were registered to each accredited registrar at the end of June.
The data does not not include ccTLDs, nor does it account for situations where registrars may retail a TLD via a gateway or as a reseller of another registrar.

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Comments (7)

  1. Arthur says:

    Key-Systems has a lot more than 153,603 DUM, typing error?
    The top of this list offers IDN while the bottom does not. The IDN with the most volume 网址 only has 269,344 domains, while the Chinese prefer .wang .win .top, 9 others before 网址.
    So this list seems to be the celebration of the niche IDN market. More diverse, but small. 😛
    Funny thing that 101domain offers IDNs, but 1&1 Internet does not, being the same company.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      There are two different accredited registrars called Key-Systems — Key-Systems LLC and Key-Systems GmbH.
      The LLC is the one with 150k DUM.
      The GmbH has gTLD DUM of about 1.6 million, but does not appear in the top-30 list above.
      I hope this helps, sorry for any confusion.

      • Volker Greimann says:

        Just to be accurate, both companies (LLC and GmbH) should be counted as one as we split our accreditations between the two.

  2. Volker Greimann says:

    Also, using only the list of registered domains may be misleading since sometimes the TLD just does not attract even one registration for a registrar that still has them on his shelf.

  3. Anon says:

    MarkMonitor have that many as they just sell to corporates to block names, even though most aren’t required. No skill goes into it, just blanket blocking and sunrise applications. I’ve been in there, seen them in action and they’re not the smartest Registrars in the world. Build up pointless blocking portfolios – kinda silly really.

  4. Charles says:

    Hi, it might be interesting to see an update of this table.

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