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Gossip: Geldof, China and Site Finder

Kevin Murphy, March 7, 2010, 12:04:21 (UTC), Gossip

Eight Sunday morning tidbits.

  • Bob Geldof was on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning, via satellite from Nairobi. It seems likely he’s there in relation to to IGAD conference on east-African drought, which is being held at the same venue as the ICANN meeting, which kicked off today. Let’s hope he’s not there tomorrow, we all know how he feels about Mondays.
  • CNNIC registrars are the “choke point” in China’s efforts to crack down on internet freedoms.
  • No mention of that ongoing issue in ICANN’s post about Rod Beckstrom’s visit to China. Nice photos though.
  • Lots of nuggets in this Wired interview with Rod Becktrom, Mayor of Switzerland
  • For some reason, the Wired article starts with a callback to the 2003 Site Finder affair, and later provides a quote from Beckstrom about innovation in gTLDs that would be fairly easy to take out of context as a result.
  • Who needs a gold medal? The wannabe extreme sports TLD has preemptively reserved Winter Olympics winners’ names in .ski/.skate/.board on their behalf and (presumably) without their knowledge.
  • Mexico’s .mx has seen quite a bit of traction on the aftermarket recently. Now the .mx NIC has announced registrations have surpassed 400,000.
  • Oh, and there’s some meeting going on in Nairobi right now, apparently.

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