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New gTLD applicants up to 207

Kevin Murphy, March 5, 2012, 20:56:46 (UTC), Domain Registries

With the registration deadline less than four weeks away, ICANN has revealed that it has received 207 sign-ups for generic top-level domain applications.
That’s an increase of 63 over the last week and up 163 on February 13.
As with previous announcements of this kind, certain caveats apply.
ICANN is talking about registered users of its TLD Application System. Each TAS account can be used to file up to 50 applications.
In practice I expect very few accounts will be used to file that many.

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Comments (2)

  1. Thurston Howell III says:

    C’mon. Do you expect us to believe that there actually exist that many suckers out there? Who, in their right mind, would invest in silly gTLD that so obviously are destined to .FAIL.
    Clearly, these groups are not doing their homework; and, if they believe they did so, they deserve the huge financial losses they are about to sustain when alternative extensions fizzle and thud ala .mobi, .museum, .aero, .coop, .tel, .pro, .cat, .jobs and yes, .xxx.

  2. Speculate says:

    Big Money and Big Egos run hand in hand, i am not too surprised

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