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New gTLD filing deadline delayed again

Kevin Murphy, April 17, 2012, 00:12:19 (UTC), Domain Registrars

It looks like new gTLD applicants are in for more delays after ICANN announced that it will not reopen its TLD Application System tomorrow as planned.
In a statement tonight, chief operating officer Akram Atallah said that the recently discovered data leakage vulnerability has been fixed, but the fix is still being tested.

We believe that we have fixed the glitch, and we are testing it to make sure.
ICANN is committed to reopening the application system as soon as we can confirm that the problem has been resolved and we have had proper time for testing.
We also want to inform all applicants, before we reopen, whether they have been affected by the glitch. We are still gathering information so we can do that.
Accordingly, the application system will not reopen tomorrow.

ICANN shut down TAS last Thursday, just 12 hours before the new gTLD application filing deadline, after discovering a persistent bug that allowed some applicants to see the names of files uploaded by other applicants.
It had planned to open TAS again tomorrow and close it on Friday. However, that’s looking increasingly unlikely.
Atallah said that ICANN “will provide an update on the timing of the reopening no later than Friday, 20 April at 23.59 UTC.”
While ICANN said yesterday that it was still targeting April 30 for its Big Reveal event, subject to change, that’s now looking like an ambitious goal.

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Comments (3)

  1. Better safe than sorry. I think this is the right decision by ICANN to be as diligent as possible.
    Certainly the last thing we want is data being compromised or “shared” with 3rd-parties or competitors.
    Hoping for the best.

  2. Doorman Fred says:

    It’ll be in the applicant’s best interest if the entire process is delayed permanently.
    All will end up losing their cybershirts and going on welfare anyways so thay should be thankful for the numerous delays.

  3. Thomas Corte says:

    Makes me wonder whether ICANN will use the extended outage to also fix the awful HTML markup escaping problem they have with the TAS preview. As of last week, it wasn’t possible to safely put the ‘<' (lower than) character into TAS.

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