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The registry back-end market numbers are in

Kevin Murphy, June 17, 2012, 14:27:56 (UTC), Domain Registries

The top five registry back-end providers account for almost 72% of all new generic top-level domain applications, according to DI’s preliminary numbers.
Neustar, Demand Media, Afilias, Verisign and ARI Registry Services take the top five spots in our new market share league table (see below).
Thirty-eight companies are listed as back-end providers (including those that plan to self-host their gTLDs) according to our initial analysis of ICANN’s 1,930 applications.
Big portfolio applicants obviously skew the numbers significantly.
All of the 101 applications naming Google as the back-end are from Google’s own subsidiaries, and Amazon’s 76 bids are responsible for Neustar’s position at the top of the table.
Likewise, more than 300 of Demand Media’s strings are associated with one client, Donuts, and 54 of Internet Systems Consortium’s 58 are from Uniregistry, the new Frank Schilling venture.
ARI (.au) is the most successful back-end from the ccTLD world, with 160 applications, followed by Minds + Machines (.fm) with 91, CentralNic (.la) with 60 and Afnic (.fr) with 17.
[table id=8 /]
The four N/A applications on the list were all filed by the same poorly advised applicant.
Some numbers differ slightly from what the respective companies announced. In some cases this could be accounted for by applicants withdrawing bids before Reveal Day.
The data above was generated semi-automatically from the DI PRO New gTLD Application Database, which matches each application to its back-end, and is preliminary in nature.
A full report will follow in due course.
UPDATE (June 19): Three applications originally assigned to KSRegistry have now been reassigned to
UPDATE (June 20): Four applications originally assigned to Minds + Machines have been reassigned to Neustar.

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Comments (8)

  1. Rubens Kuhl says:

    Were you able to filter out which M+M applications will use the Neustar back-end instead of its own ?

  2. M+M is working with Neustar on several applications and these are fully noted in the applications themselves. In cases where we work with Neustar, we make sure to co-ordinate with Neustar before making any announcements; therefore I will remain vague but you can look them up yourself.
    Also, as the registry provider for .FM, by the criteria used in this article, we would be ahead of CentralNIC as a “ccTLD” provider.

  3. P.S. Since Afilias also provides ccTLD services, they would also rank higher than CentralNIC.
    To my mind, it’s not a useful category.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Verisign does .tv and Neustar does .us…
      I was merely referring to the ones that are not already also ICANN contracted registries.

  4. Ray Marshall says:

    Well, at least CentralNIC already has .la which, in my opinion, is one of the best city tlds to have (via a cctld). The .la tld is only two letters and LA is considered by many to be the media capitol of the world. What more could you ask from a city tld? Does M+M currently operate any cctlds? I wish both companies much success, but, let’s give CentralNIC credit for being one of the first to operate a city tld.

    • Rubens Kuhl says:

      Or squatting country codes like .com, .net and selling sub-domains with no assurances like any TLD can give for a domain.

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