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That’s all folks! Final gTLD app gets approved

ICANN has finally finished evaluating all 1,930 new gTLD applications from the 2012 round.
Indian conglomerate Tata Group’s dot-brand .tata passed Extended Evaluation (pdf) on Friday, having apparently secured the non-objection of Morocco, which has a province of the same name.
Calculated from Reveal Day — June 13, 2012 — it’s taken a little over two years (765 days) for every bid to pass through first Initial Evaluation and then, if necessary, Extended Evaluation.
Calculated from the first batch of Initial Evaluation results being released, it’s 483 days.
A total of 1,783 applications passed IE. A further 38 failed, of which 35 passed EE. There have been 211 withdrawals so far and, due to contention, another 380 are expected.

Final .eco applicant completes evaluation

Planet Dot Eco has finally passed its ICANN evaluation, meaning the four-way contention set for one of the oldest public new gTLD ideas, .eco, can move forward a little.
In its Initial Evaluation last August, the company scored a miserable 1 point on its financial evaluation, failing to hit the target of 8 points, and scored a 0 on one of its technical criteria.
But with the Extended Evaluation results published today (pdf), Planet Dot Eco managed to scrape passing scores on both parts of the evaluation.
This means that the .eco contention set, which also includes Donuts, Minds + Machines and Big Room, is no longer being held up by evaluations.
However, Big Room’s is a Community application and the company has indicated that it will go for a Community Priority Evaluation.
Unless Big Room wins the CPE (which strikes me as unlikely), that will also delay any possibility of contention resolution.

Two new gTLD apps pass EE

Kevin Murphy, January 11, 2014, Domain Registries

While the industry’s attention may be focused — rightly — on new gTLD sunrise periods and launch plans, a handful of applicants are still slogging their way through ICANN evaluation.
Two more applications passed Extended Evaluation this week — Locus Analytics’ dot-brand .locus and DotPlace’s .place.
Both had failed Initial Evaluation in 2013 due to a lack of provided financial statements.
While .locus is uncontested and can now proceed to contracting, testing and delegation, .place has also been applied for by Donuts so will presumably be auctioned off.

The latest new gTLD passes and signings

Kevin Murphy, December 16, 2013, Domain Registries

Five new gTLD applications passed Extended Evaluation late Friday, while one more contract was signed.
Four of the five EE passes were dot-brands that had previously failed to provide ICANN with enough financial information to pass their Initial Evaluation.
They are: .mckinsey (McKinsey Holdings), .alcon (Alcon Laboratories), .cipriani (Hotel Cipriani), and .jcp (JCP Media).
The fifth was DotHome Ltd (Defender Security/CGR-Ecommerce) with .home, a bittersweet pass given that the .home gTLD is now unlikely to ever see the light of day due to name collision risks.
Also late Friday, another registry signed its Registry Agreement with ICANN. This time, it was Dai Nippon Printing with .dnp, a Japanese dot-brand.
The contract has not yet been published, but it seems unlikely to be ICANN’s newly proposed dot-brand contract, which is still open for public comment.

Three new gTLDs pass Extended Evaluation

Kevin Murphy, November 23, 2013, Domain Registries

ICANN still hasn’t polished off its backlog of new gTLD applications in Initial Evaluation, but three more passed Extended Evaluation this week.
Guangzhou YU Wei Information Technology passed EE on .佛山 (for Foshan, a Chinese city), Taipei City Government passed on its application for .taipei and MIH PayU passed for .payu.
The two Chinese-related applications had been held up by governmental approval. The application for .payu had failed IE due to its lack of financial statements.
Two applications remain in Initial Evaluation, 24 are in Extended Evaluation.

Only two new gTLD bids in Initial Evaluation

Kevin Murphy, November 16, 2013, Domain Registries

Initial Evaluation on the first round of new gTLD applications is almost done, with only two bids now remaining in that stage of the program.
ICANN last night published the delayed IE results for PricewaterhouseCooper’s .pwc and the Better Business Bureau’s .bbb, both of which were passes.
The only two applications remaining in IE are Kosher Marketing Assets’ .kosher and Google’s .search.
The latter is believed to be hung up on technical changes it has made to its bid, to remove the plan to make .search a “dotless” gTLD, which ICANN has banned on stability grounds.
Eight applications are currently in Extended Evaluation, having failed to achieve passing scores during IE.

Two dot-brands pass Extended Evaluation

Kevin Murphy, November 1, 2013, Domain Registries

ICANN did not have much to report in this week’s batch of new gTLD evaluation results, as that stage of the program gradually winds down.
Two dot-brands — Shaw Cablesystems and TUI — passed Extended Evaluation for their .shaw and .tui applications.
TUI had to secure permission from Burkina Faso for .tui, which matches the protected name of one of its provinces, while Shaw had to provide better financial statements to pass.
Only four applications remain in Initial Evaluation — .pwc, .bbb, .kosher and .search. Eight applications are currently in Extended Evaluation.

More Extended Evaluation passes this week

Kevin Murphy, October 11, 2013, Domain Registries

Four new gTLD applications passed Extended Evaluation this week, and two that were stuck in Initial Evaluation finally made it through, ICANN just revealed.
The Extended Evaluation successes were DotPay’s application for .pay, Commercial Connect’s application for .shop,’s application for .life and GED Domains’ application for .ged.
The dot-brands .adac (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) and .jio (Affinity Names) passed IE.
Commercial Connect is notable for being 2000-round applicant trying again. It failed on its technical evaluation first time through.

First gTLD Extended Evaluation results published

Kevin Murphy, October 5, 2013, Domain Registries

ICANN has delivered the first three results of Extended Evaluation for new gTLD applications, all passes.
Dot Registry, which has applied for five corporate-themed gTLDs, flunked its Initial Evaluation on .ltd and .llc back in June on financial grounds, but complained a few days later that ICANN’s evaluators had screwed up.
The company told DI at the time that the two bids used the same Continuing Operation Instrument as applications that had passed IE, and was baffled as to why they failed their financial evaluation.
Both applications have now passed through Extended Evaluation with passing scores, the COI-related score going up from 0 (no COI) to 3 (a perfect score).
Both .ltd and .lcc and still contested, and both also face the uncertainty of Governmental Advisory Committee advice and “uncalculated risk” scores, so the time impact of EE on other applicants is zero.
Also passing through EE this week was Express LLC’s dot-brand bid for .express.
The company had failed on technical grounds in Initial Evaluation, having scored an unacceptable 0 on “Abuse Prevention and Mitigation”. Under EE, this has increased to 2, a pass.
Express is still in contention with Donuts.
This week we also see eight applications, seven of them dot-brands, finally making it through Initial Evaluation: .boehringer, .deloitte, .abbvie, .lamer, .abc, .rogers, .fido and the generic .bar.
The DI PRO Application Tracker and associated tools have now been updated to take account of Extended Evaluation results.

15 new gTLD applications enter Extended Evaluation

Kevin Murphy, August 27, 2013, Domain Registries

The first batch of new gTLD applications have officially entered the Extended Evaluation stage of the process.
Fifteen bids that failed to achieve passing scores during Initial Evaluation are now taking a second crack at getting approved.
Extended Evaluation is voluntary but in most cases — such as when additional financial or geographic support information is required — it is also free from additional ICANN fees.
If an application goes into EE, its whole contention set is delayed — possibly for months — while the evaluation is completed.
The affected strings so far are: .online, .bcg, .ged, .supersport, .life, .payu, .locus, .shop, .taipei, .pay, .ltd, .olayangroup, .llc, العليان., and .mckinsey.
The 15 comprise basically every application that has so far been told it is eligible for extended evaluation, but excluding most of those that received the news last Friday.
The DI PRO Application Tracker has been updated to reflect the new statuses, and we’ve added a new search option that lets you view or exclude “In EE” applications.
The DI PRO New gTLD Timeline now also includes diary entries related to Extended Evaluation.