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Failures mount up as ICANN releases penultimate week of IE results

Kevin Murphy, August 23, 2013, Domain Registries

Eight new gTLD applications flunked Initial Evaluation this week, according to ICANN’s just-released results.
One of them, the Taipei City Government’s bid for .taipei, has been flagged as “Ineligible for Further Review” — the only application to receive such a status to date — suggesting it is fully dead.
But the full IE report delivered by ICANN says .taipei is actually “Eligible for Extended Evaluation”. It’s not clear right now which of these statuses is the correct one.
Its IE report says “the required documentation of support or non-objection was either not provided or did not meet the criteria” for Taipei’s bid to pass the Geographic Names Review.
While the city government seems to be the applicant, city bids also require national government support, which could be problematic given that the People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as a province and the United Nations does not officially recognize it as a nation.
Also failing to receive a passing score this week was one of three bidders for the hotly contested gTLD .eco.
Planet Dot Eco failed on both its financial and technical questions, one of the first two applicants to suffer this double whammy. The other was Metaregistrar, which has just found out its app for .frl has failed on both counts.
The clothing retailer Express, noted for its failed Legal Rights Objection against Donuts, also failed its technical evaluation.
Express had a Verisign back-end, while Planet Dot Eco is using ARI Registry Services. Metaregistrar did not specify a third-party back-end provider in its application.
.olayan became the third application from the Saudi conglomerate Olayan Investments to fail because it did not provide its financial statements as required by the Applicant Guidebook.
.place, an application by 1589757 Alberta Ltd (‘DotPlace’) also failed to provide financial statements, as did the dot-brands .shaw, .alcon and .rexroth.
These applications received passing scores this week:

.mail .tech .kpn .play .weatherchannel .crown .aeg .statoil .app .cloud .honeywell .cruises .vig .netaporter .juegos .aramco .lamborghini .soccer .ping .surf .lol .gallo .parts .flowers .gree .webs .netflix .science .school .inc .rio .bbt .mutual .auspost .best .men .symantec .med .doctor .deals .insure .citadel .care .barcelona .racing .feedback .amfam .design .save .nhk .productions .forum .finish .spot .hitachi .web .dish .vistaprint .art .maison .properties .nissay .book .tiffany .haus .skin .hockey .phone .allfinanz .finance .通用电气公司 .手表 .電訊盈科 .珠宝 .ارامكو .hisamitsu .intuit .orientexpress .gecompany .team .church .panasonic .onyourside .ski

With only 141 applications left in evaluation, there’s only one week officially left on the IE timetable, though I expect ICANN will spend some time mopping up the stragglers afterwards.
There are 23 applications eligible for extended evaluation.

ICANN passes 92 new gTLDs

Kevin Murphy, August 16, 2013, Domain Registries

Ninety-two new gTLD applications received passing Initial Evaluation scores this week, as ICANN approaches the end of the long-running process.
With two weeks left on the official timetable, only 236 applications remain in IE. Another 1,574 have passed. With no failures this week, the number heading to Extended Evaluation remains at 14.
These are this week’s passing strings, with links to the corresponding application on DI PRO.

.villas .soccer .delivery .med .casino .sina .pamperedchef .case .weibo .kids .college .tech .newholland .life .yoga .world .barclaycard .report .casino .orange .shop .music .walter .srl .poker .shop .qtel .author .help .sap .consulting .starhub .stcgroup .stada .gives .srt .vuelos .zuerich .thd .vacations .taxi .pid .garden .news .industries .love .poker .taxi .express .athleta .pitney .phd .etisalat .mom .merck .earth .beer .safeway .actor .foundation .dclk .hamburg .home .studio .cologne .aquarelle .archi .kia .quest .buy .panerai .chat .band .spa .flickr .playstation .mobile .cash .jprs .saarland .kfh .condos .chintai .blog .cpa .sfr .sale .sky .erni .mih .visa .tickets

Clean sweep for gTLD applicants as 91 pass

Kevin Murphy, August 2, 2013, Domain Registries

Ninety-one new gTLD applications passed Initial Evaluation this week, as ICANN enters the final month of results.
There were no failures to report. The following strings, with links to the relevant applicant on DI PRO, achieved passing scores:

.staples .gmo .hot .organic .degree .quebec .ricoh .guardian .hiphop .llp .ram .ieee .kpmg .obi .game .style .blackfriday .vlaanderen .tennis .baseball .afl .android .restaurant .sca .llc .rich .porn .gay .data .ink .nec .mzansimagic .moto .map .gap .zero .aarp .football .loans .schwarz .flsmidth .box .cloud .expert .stream .store .tunes .shopping .gmx .scot .tmall .dentist .live .app .tools .hair .ggee .bing .loans .video .golf .free .exposed .world .kerrylogisitics .llc .broker .coupons .eco .news .video .store .flights .comsec .inc .app .tours .abarth .edeka .locker .star .events .page .rent .financialaid .family .services .studio .honda .buy .click

There are now 1,377, passing applications and just 14 that are headed to Extended Evaluation.
With just 438 remaining in IE, ICANN remains on track to clean up the bulk of the process by the end of August as promised.
I expect there will be stragglers that do not receive their results until after the initial timeline is over, however, due to delays answering clarifying questions and such.

104 new gTLD passes, one failure, three withdrawals

With apologies to regular readers for the lateness of this post, which can be blamed on illness, here are the latest new gTLD application evaluation results.
This week, ICANN gave passing Initial Evaluation scores to 104 applications, flunking only one. Separately yesterday, three applications were withdrawn.
First, the passes. The following applications are now safely through IE:

.blog .style .globo .sew .prime .search .shopping .llc .lefrak .tienda .law .charity .restaurant .dubai .cuisinella .cricket .horse .insurance .rip .fast .bot .rugby .gotv .baby .tennis .kids .safe .money .sapo .ltd .download .fit .wanggou .kyoto .sas .rsvp .party .bargains .digital .abbott .chloe .mba .bet .frontdoor .volkswagen .sydney .comcast .oracle .dvr .ipiranga .juegos .translations .web .rocks .architect .kuokgroup .basketball .audio .catholic .site .justforu .bentley .bcn .home .restaurant .lawyer .abogado .watch .jnj .africamagic .anz .works .imdb .ntt .walmart .ups .cartier .softbank .direct .ltda .corp .loan .liaison .cool .canon .run .sandvikcoromant .realtor .gmail .fyi .bharti .mls .mls .fly .wow .shop .fun .gbiz .mit .pet .vista .accenture .webs .capitalone

This batch brings the total number of passes to 1,286. There are only 530 bids left in IE.
This week’s only failure was I-REGISTRY Ltd’s .online application, which scored a 0 on its “Financial Statements” question and therefore failed the financial half of the IE test. It’s eligible for extended evaluation.
Meanwhile, we’ve had three more withdrawals. Tucows withdrew its applications for .media and .marketing, while Travelers TLD withdrew its dot-brand bid for .northlandinsurance.
The maximum number of delegated gTLDs is now 1,354.

90 new gTLDs pass IE. Two more withdrawals

ICANN has published its weekly run-down of new gTLD Initial Evaluation results and this week 90 applications have passed.
There have also been two withdrawals, both made by Uniregistry. It’s withdrawn its bids for .media and .country, leaving Tucows and Donuts duking it out for .media and Top Level Domain Holdings as the sole remaining applicant for .country.
TLDH and Uniregistry previously inked a deal that would see them go 50:50 on .country, the only question remaining was which applicant would drop out.
These are this week’s passing applications:

.ecom .doctor .cpa .forum .aco .mba .mom .sbs .frogans .rip .changiairport .tirol .homesense .swatch .hotel .ice .realty .web .fun .clubmed .ril .creditcard .datsun .netbank .jmp .ferrero .hockey .contact .avianca .gold .beauty .audi .cheap .bet .uconnect .map .cooking .pics .network .madrid .garden .zone .expert .cfa .trv .review .forum .pizza .dabur .pay .app .bingo .home .ryukyu .agency .tdk .xfinity .nokia .raid .hoteles .tube .school .win .gmbh .faith .show .radio .pizza .wtf .juniper .xerox .rehab .global .cloud .docs .life .fun .brother .intel .place .photo .christmas .wine .dupont .run .home .ping .boutique .mortgage .store

86 passes and two failures in this week’s new gTLDs

ICANN has just published this week’s batch of new gTLD Initial Evaluation results, revealing 86 passing scores and two applications that must go to Extended Evaluation.
The two failures are .ged and .bcg.
The .ged bid, which is intended to represent General Educational Development, was filed by a joint venture of the American Council on Education and the big publisher Pearson.
It’s the first example of an application to receive passing scores on both its financial and technical questions but to still require Extended Evaluation anyway.
The applicant had proposed a registry service related to internationalized domain names that gave the evaluation panels reason to believe a deeper evaluation was needed.
Uniquely so far, Extended Evaluation is likely to cost this applicant more money, due to the cost of a Registry Services Evaluation Panel.
Boston Consulting Group applied for .bcg as a dot-brand and failed because it scored a zero on its “Financial Statements” question, as most other IE failures have to date.
This weeks passing scores belong to these applications:

.redstone .institute .website .airtel .bestbuy .education .charity .shouji .alstom .multichoice .reit .bible .holiday .deutschepost .chrysler .terra .cam .inc .farm .cars .florist .financial .bet .design .cafe .sale .lundbeck .latino .iveco .inc .dodge .security .global .food .tradershotels .design .bond .zappos .rwe .commbank .landrover .house .cars .blog .fish .amazon .adult .wine .group .property .free .living .maserati .beauty .amsterdam .foodnetwork .broker .design .sucks .fans .tushu .discount .glass .fashion .search .school .linde .off .office .miami .trust .red .boats .immo .repair .dstv .claims .iinet .soccer .inc .mail .toshiba .law .love .suzuki .africa

There are now 730 applications still in Initial Evaluation. So far 1,092 have passed and 13 have failed.

97 new gTLD applicants get pass from ICANN

ICANN has just released this week’s batch of Initial Evaluation results, with 97 passing applications to report.
The results were published a couple of days early due to the Independence Day holiday in the US.
There were no failures this week. The following applications received passing scores and proceed to the next phase of the program.

.cloud .app .marketing .corp .llp .blog .dnb .radio .mtr .gay .gmbh .accountant .site .yodobashi .norton .rmit .host .auto .ltd .play .cafe .bosch .jaguar .realestate .cashbackbonus .plus .mobile .cityeats .uol .amica .hair .yahoo .philips .corp .beauty .schmidt .tiaa .yellowpages .alsace .gent .lds .home .auction .chat .travelersinsurance .delta .corsica .dvag .bugatti .online .living .golf .flowers .hot .sharp .guitars .store .video .discount .realestate .mozaic .club .builders .build .whoswho .vote .limited .international .hdfc .yun .sakura .ifm .group .ceb .gifts .box .hbo .dev .asda .sport .allfinanzberater .radio .sale .taobao .training .dtv .mail .sncf .rent .marriott .jpmorganchase .audio .guide .statefarm .now .gucci .work

The results bring the total number of passing bids to 1,006. Only 823 applications remain in Initial Evaluation.

See all new gTLD withdrawls and Initial Evaluation results in a handy timeline

Kevin Murphy, July 2, 2013, Domain Services

From today, DI PRO users have a new feature for tracking new gTLD withdrawals that removes the huge pain and inconvenience of actually having to read DI and other domain blogs.
It’s been the mostly commonly requested feature over the last couple of weeks, and we’re happy to oblige.
The New gTLD Program Timeline lists all withdrawals, evaluation results and other major changes to application status, in chronological order.
There are over 1,100 entries in the database so far, going back to August 2012. Withdrawals are automatically updated daily, IE results weekly on Friday evenings UTC.
It’s designed for utility. Here’s a screen grab:
New gTLD Timeline
To join the growing ranks of DI PRO subscribers click here. Subscribers also get access to the following tools and searchable databases:
Daily new gTLD program stats, searchable Initial Evaluation scores, the most comprehensive and flexible database of gTLD applications available anywhere, and much more.

90 passes and 2 failures in this week’s gTLD results

ICANN has just delivered this week’s batch of Initial Evaluation results, with 90 passes and two failures to report.
The two applications that failed to achieve passing scores are Commercial Connect’s .shop and .supersport, a dot-brand filed by a South African television company. Both are eligible for extended evaluation.
Commercial Connect is the first applicant to fail to achieve a passing score on its technical evaluation.
I believe the company, which was among the unsuccessful applicants in the 2000 round of new gTLDs, is one of the few applicants this time around proposing to self-host its registry back-end.
It did, however, pass the financial component of the evaluation.
SuperSport failed, like nine others before it, on its financial evaluation, having scored a 0 on its “Financial Statements” question.
These are the passing applications this week:

.shop .viking .nagoya .osaka .shop .cruise .baidu .motorcycles .bananarepublic .allfinanzberatung .shiksha .top .bio .republican .aol .mail .navy .fyi .jcb .photos .wine .app .diy .law .data .foo .film .corp .ibm .physio .htc .pohl .chanel .gdn .ubs .secure .woodside .ultrabook .gold .show .soccer .map .web .coffee .apple .compare .markets .schule .fitness .courses .hotel .discover .spreadbetting .ngo .cbs .immo .home .drive .williamhill .racing .movie .store .barefoot .kaufen .memorial .abb .bbva .cpa .unicom .voto .skype .vet .doctor .tennis .space .nab .web .bet .scor .food .fail .konami .day .games .garden .book .hosting .ollo .montblanc .click

There are now 909 passing applications and 11 eligible for extended evaluation.