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Google signs first new gTLD contract

Kevin Murphy, September 18, 2013, 13:18:13 (UTC), Domain Registries

Google has signed its first Registry Agreement with ICANN, covering the new gTLD .みんな.
The string means “everyone” in Japanese. It had priority number 34.
Google proposes to use it as an open TLD, available for anyone to register names in.
Signed by Google subsidiary Charleston Road Registry, it’s the 34th new gTLD contract ICANN has executed.
Google has 96 new gTLD applications remaining. One of them, for .search, is still Initial Evaluation.

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  1. Are we kidding?!?!!! says:

    More gTLDs the search engines want run and more they will be forced to return.
    It is ridiculous even only thinking about a search engine that want run a general TLD. They can run all they trademarked TLDs they want, but not general TLDs.
    No matter if they will make them available to all or not, maybe also free etc.
    No matter if the registry is Google itself or a subsidiary of them. Come on!
    Are we kidding?!?!

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