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Over 87,000 new gTLD domains now blocked

Kevin Murphy, November 12, 2013, 12:53:40 (UTC), Domain Registries

The total number of domain names to be blocked due to the risk of name collisions has topped 87,000 with the latest batch of block-lists from ICANN, published yesterday.
According to our database, 87,670 domain names, representing 75,208 unique second-level strings, are to be blocked in the 37 new gTLDs that have published collisions lists.
The string “www” is on all 37 lists, followed closely by “com”, “org” and “net”.
The most commonly blocked names include large numbers of single characters and large numbers of two-character strings matching ccTLDs (which were already banned in new gTLDs anyway).
Lots of protocol-related strings, such as “http”, “ftp”, “isatap” and “wpad” can also be found in the top 100 strings.
Gambling-related strings are also hugely, and so far inexplicably, popular blocking candidates.
Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Apple are the most frequently seen brands.
The full consolidated list of blocked strings can be searched at the DI PRO name collisions database.
The gTLD with the biggest block-list so far is .kitchen, with 13,061 strings, over half as big again as the next-longest list, which is .uno’s 8,187 names.

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