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Donuts officially richer than God after winning three new gTLD auctions

Kevin Murphy, December 19, 2013, 10:39:59 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts has a clear path to being awarded the .church, .life and .loans new gTLDs, following a private auction managed by Innovative Auctions this week.
Life Covenant Church and have already withdrawn their applications for .church and .life respectively, and others are expected to follow soon.
Life Covenant Church, which does business at, was described as the largest multi-site church in the US last year, with 46,000 regular attendees across 15 locations.
A lucrative business, no doubt. But apparently not lucrative enough to beat Donuts.
In the three-way contention set for .life, Donuts beat, which seems to be affiliated with a Canadian housing developer and Xiamen Technology.
In .loans, which still faces Governmental Advisory Committee advice, Donuts beat fellow portfolio applicant Radix.
The losing applicants will all receive pay-offs from Donuts as a result of losing the auctions.
Innovative has now helped resolve 21 contention sets.

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Comments (5)

  1. Acro says:

    Nice Christmas gift for Live Covenant Church! I always thought God is a Capitalist.

  2. Samit says:

    Pretty good set there for Donuts.
    Can think of a ton of uses for .church and .loans – though if I’m not mistaken Famous Four has an uncontested app for .loan
    When will all new gTLDs applied for in this round expect to be delegated Kevin – Dec 2015?

  3. Let’s hear about the GOOD being done with all that Money…
    Is there anything being done… ??

  4. Philip Pohalos says:

    The big moneys on Top Level Domain Holdings who already have an interest in .London as well as an 80% ownership stake in .NWR, Germany’s largest industrial region.

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