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ICANN approves reworked GAC advice over US concerns

Kevin Murphy, February 8, 2014, 17:17:57 (UTC), Domain Policy

No sooner had we reported on the US government’s complaint about ICANN’s reinterpretation of GAC advice on new gTLDs than it emerged that ICANN has already approved the plan.
The ICANN board’s New gTLD Program Committee on Wednesday approved a resolution on how to implement the so-called Category 1 advice the Governmental Advisory Committee came up with in Beijing last April. The resolution was published today.
The Category 1 advice calls for stronger regulation — stuff like forcing registrants to provide industry credentials at point of sale — in scores of new gTLDs the GAC considers particularly sensitive.
Despite US Department of Commerce assistant secretary Larry Strickling calling for more talks after ICANN substantially diluted some of the GAC’s Beijing communique, the NGPC has now formally approved its watered-down action plan.
Under the plan, registrants in gTLDs such as .lawyer and .doctor will have to “represent” that they are credentialed professionals in those verticals when they register a domain.
That’s as opposed to actually providing those credentials at point of registration, which, as Strickling reiterated in his letter, is what the GAC asked for in its Beijing communique.
The full list of eight approved “safeguards” (as interpreted from GAC advice by ICANN) along with the list of the gTLDs that they will apply to, can be found in this PDF.

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Comments (11)

  1. Jean Guillon says:

    ICANN is faster when it comes to listening to the US Government rather than the European Commission 🙂

  2. And nothing about .WINE & .VIN ? Strange…but my little finger tells me it’s coming 🙂

  3. Acro says:

    With Internet censorship rampant and freedom of speech on electronic media violated in Turkey, why does ICANN maintain an office in Istanbul?

  4. Statton Hammock says:

    Also, good resolution regarding review of the disparate .CAR/.CARS and .CAM/.COM string similarity objection decisions.

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