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Iraq to get IDN ccTLD

Kevin Murphy, September 26, 2014, 09:00:38 (UTC), Domain Registries

Iraq was this week granted the right to use a new Arabic-script country-code top-level domain.
ICANN said the war-torn nation’s request for عراق., which is Arabic for “Iraq”, has passed the String Evaluation phase of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track program.
Like .iq, the registry will be the government’s Communications and Media Commission.
Once delegated, the Punycode inserted into the root will be .xn--mgbtx2b.
ICANN said Iraq is the 33rd nation to have an IDN ccTLD request approved. There are currently 26 IDN ccTLDs in the root. Most of them aren’t doing very well.

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  1. Adrian Kinderis says:

    Of course, they will have to comply with a names collision list and ensure that they are not putting human life at risk… right? Oh wait, this is ICANN. Consistently inconsistent. They will say it is a matter of national sovereignty and they can do what they like despite the fact that the “danger” exists at the root level… the same root level that all top level domains whether ccTLD or gTLD are equal. The root is agnostic and all should play by the same rules – however stupid.

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