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Recent Posts at $1.5 million and other .sucks premium weirdness

Kevin Murphy, April 3, 2015, 11:33:33 (UTC), Domain Registries

The new .sucks gTLD has some interesting pricing for its reserved premium names. Notably, which currently carries a $1.5 million first-year fee at one registrar.
As far as I can tell, 101domain is the only registrar that is currently publishing its prices for .sucks premium names.
I had a bit of a play around with its web site, to see if I could discover which strings the registry has flagged as premium and which appear to be blocked by the registry. was the most expensive domain I found, by some margin, at $1.5 million.
The presumably puts it within the pocketbook of, say, a pharmaceuticals company, but probably not a support group.
101domain confirmed that the published price was not an error and is based on the registry’s pricing, but said it was considering lowering it.
That price, and all the other prices cited in this article, are retail prices that would include the registrar’s mark-up.
The next-highest price I could find was $450,000 for
The string “sex” is usually highly priced on registries’ reserved lists. It’s a slightly different story for .sucks, however, because registry policy states that all pornography is banned. The registrant would have to find a different use. does not appear to carry a premium fee.
I could not find any other physical diseases carrying premium fees, and it seems that is not available to register.
However, is $4,500, is $12,000, and is available for $16,500.
It’s worth noting at this point that .sucks is not alone in putting premium prices on domains such as these — and both carry $5,500 fees, for example.
Sports domains,,, and all carry $75,000 fees.
On the vices: is also $75,000, is $42,000, is $27,000 and is $4,500. Other strings, such as, do not appear to be premiums.
This patchy premium coverage goes for entertainment too. While ($88,500) and ($15,000) are premiums, and are not.
In relationships, is listed at $27,000 ( does not appear to be premium) and is $15,000.
I tried a few common racial slurs and found them to be unavailable. Vox Pop has a policy against cyber-bullying, which may account for that. costs $52,500, however.
Religious terms blocked?
Some religious terms are considered premium, while others are not available to register.
.sucks is currently in its sunrise period, so unavailable names have presumably been blocked by the registry for some reason.
I found that carries a premium price tag of $75,000, while is $30,000 and is $34,500. is not available, nor are, and
But,,, can be bought for the regular reg fee.,, and are all for sale at the usual price. and are available at the regular reg fee, but is not available., and are not currently available. Nor is But and are available.
I wonder what we can fairly infer from these apparent discrepancies.
Registry defensives?
As you might expect, the name of the registry is reserved — that happens in pretty much ever gTLD.
It remains to be seen whether Vox Pop will eat its own dog food and allow third-party criticism on its site.
It turns out (Vox Populi CEO) is not available. Neither are the names of Rob Hall, CEO of Vox Pop parent Momentous, and Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling, who is involved in the TLD is some currently undisclosed capacity., and are all not available to register.
As controls, I checked out other common male first names and the full names of other major registry/registrar CEOs and found them all available.
It will be interesting to see if any of these names are ever developed into criticism web sites by their owners.

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  1. Spencer says:

    these new gtlds are so so so so so weird
    cannot wait for this nonsense to finish up so we can get back onto the path of REALITY

  2. Ian Ingram says:

    Nice post Kevin. 🙂
    1.5 million… when every extension including is freely available to register…

  3. kd says:

    It is confusing. I search for and I get the annual fee to be “249.00 – 2,199.00 USD”
    Well what is it? $249? $2,199? Never seen anything so confusing.

    • Beckett says:

      The price weirdness you’re seeing is because of the registry policies. If you read previous articles on this site about the extension, a trademark holder who registers the domain during Sunrise will be paying the $2200 per year price tag, while a regular schmo who registers the domain during GA will be paying the $250 per year price. The registry themselves have decided that trademark holders should pay nearly 10 times more per year to protect their brand.

  4. Jimmy Stevens says:


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