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Berkens says new gTLDs mostly suck but geos suck hardest

Kevin Murphy, August 12, 2019, 17:42:54 (UTC), Domain Sales

Ever since he cashed out his massive portfolio of domain names in a bulk sale to GoDaddy three and a half years ago, domain investor Mike Berkens has been dabbling in new gTLDs, and so far he’s not impressed.
In a recent conference speech and blog post, he revealed some of his experiences parking and trying to sell his new g names, and he has come down particularly harshly on geographic TLDs.
City TLDs such as .london, .nyc and .miami are “death” to a domain investor, he said at a domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina last week.
His portfolio of 29 .miami names has had just 532 type-in visits in the last year, and have not received a single offer, he wrote on
On the flip-side, Berkens told his audience that domain combinations that naturally fit together, such as,, and are profitable from type-in traffic and can get thousands of visitors a year.
They can be profitable even when the registry charges a premium renewal fee, he said. The domain makes him $500 a year parked and has a $150 annual renewal, he said.
But when asked directly whether he would recommend new gTLDs to domain investors, Berkens said he would not, citing among other things the added risk of unregulated price increases in the new gTLD space.
Berkens made eight figures selling his portfolio of 70,000 names to GoDaddy in 2015, but the deal apparently did not include the new gTLD names he’d picked up along the way.
You can watch his 24-minute talk here.

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Comments (6)

  1. Snoopy says:

    I’d say the Geos and .brands have been the biggest disappointment for sure. The whole area is toxic though.

  2. Symon D. A. says:

    So would the domain, which belongs to me, be classified as a good match?
    The domain is inactive by Afilias.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      By Berkens’ definition, I would say no.

      • Symon D A says:

        I also agree with you.
        To be honest, I’m abandoning all my domains registered in new gTLDs.
        I am maintaining .com domains because they have more reach.
        I think another domain I have,, may be better than
        LGBTR = R May mean Races or Resources.
        In Philadelphia they adopted a race-colored flag along with rainbow = LGBTR colors.

  3. Symon D A says:

    I marketed 3rd level domains under, but made a transition to the domain.
    This is part of my business, and it has become a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford a .LGBT domain.

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