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$44 billion company is latest deadbeat gTLD registry

Kevin Murphy, June 20, 2018, 15:49:29 (UTC), Domain Registries

Indian car-making giant Tata Motors has become the latest new gTLD registry to fail to pay its ICANN fees.
According to a breach notice (pdf), $44 billion-a-year Tata hasn’t paid its $6,250 quarterly registry fee since at least November last year (though probably much earlier).
Listed on the New York Stock Exchange and elsewhere and part of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group, the company runs .tatamotors as a dot-brand gTLD.
The breach notice, dated 10 days ago, also says that the company is in breach of its contract for failing to publish an abuse contact on its web site, something it seems to have corrected.
.tatamotors had half a dozen domains under management at the last count and seems to have at least experimented with using the TLD for private purposes.
Tata becomes the second dot-brand registry to get a slap for non-payment this year.
Back in April, the bank Kuwait Finance House, with revenues of $700 million a year, was also told it was late paying its fees.

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  1. John says:

    Neustar touted the 2012 round of nTLDs as “the next big thing.” They continued to be consistently – and $ub$tantially – WRONG all the way up to their exit from the domain name industry earlier this year.
    The .BRAND fiasco was just one of their collective brainfarts, but 78 … and counting … have now taken action – or inaction – to end their ICANN contracts, the primary benefit of which is bringing an end to the haemorrhaging of red ink that is both pointless and futile.
    Neustar is, of course, offering consulting services now to the unsuspecting in big business. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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